Philosophy in Everyday Life

Philosophy is a key aspect in life and is regarded very highly because it greatly influences our everyday life in most situations we encounter.

It can simply be described as the study of all the general and fundamental problems in life. It uses an approach that is systematic and critical and one that relies on rational argument to achieve this.

The normal day-to-day problems tackled in philosophy are mostly connected to the mind, knowledge, existence, values and language among others as human beings interact with each other and with other things in their environment.

Philosophy is a major concept divided into several branches to cover all spheres in life. The branches include: Epistemology, logic, metaphysics, moral and political philosophy, aesthetics and the specialized branches.

Epistemology deals with the scope and the nature of knowledge. It covers various relationships and can be used in life to analyze relationships such as: relationships between truth, relationship between belief and the theories of justification. It helps us to think critically.

Logic on the other hand deals with the study of principles of correct reasoning and inferences that are valid. This is very important in life as it enables human beings to make the decisions they do after analysing various situations.

Metaphysics involves studying general features of reality. Such features include: processes, events, objects as well as their properties, time, existence, relationship between the body and the mind among others.

Moral philosophy, also known as ethics, majorly deals with how best we should live and interact with each other is society while political philosophy which is they study of government and how we relate to communities and helps human beings to put ethics that are right to the laws that govern us.

Aesthetics influences how we view beauty, art, sentiments and tastes and our perceptions, enjoyment. It helps us appreciate accomplishmnets of various artistes whose works we come across.

The specialized branches of philosophy that play a major role in our everyday life include: Philosophy of science, religion, mind, law and language. These determine our perceptions and understanding of these fields.

Philosophy is thus very important in everyday life as it influences everything we do as human beings in our environment.

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